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Career Options

You may be wondering why there is so much importance placed on planning your career so early in the college preparation process.  You may be thinking "can’t I decide on my career later?"  Of course you can.  But first, give the following some consideration:

As a high school student, you are certainly not expected to make your final career choice today; however, beginning to explore your interests, abilities, and values will certainly help you weed out those careers that do not interest you or those that may not be best suited for you.

Due to the fact that nearly all colleges specialize in specific areas of study, it is important to have a firm career path before starting your college search.

Without a pre-determined area of study, a student may be forced to change schools in order to accommodate the educational requirements of a chosen major and/or career path.  This change will most likely cost the student valuable time and money.

As a student, you should invest the time and effort necessary to pinpoint the particular interests, abilities and values that will form your career choice.  Remember that exploring your options now will pay off in the long run.