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College Search, Selection & Admissions

As a College Graduate, your Alma Mater will symbolize many things: four years of growth and development; many fond memories; a source of pride and perhaps most importantly, the educational foundation upon which you will build the rest of your life.  The quality of your education will most likely have a significant influence on your success in life.  It is therefore essential that you take great care in choosing and applying to potential colleges and universities.

There are more than 3,200 accredited institutions of higher education in the United States.  How will you go from a high school student to a college freshman at only ONE of them?  The answer is by following the steps of a sequential process to narrow your choices and gain admission.

You must first dedicate the time necessary to research and find the schools that offer what you want and need.  You must then develop a successful application package based on the qualifications that schools are seeking in their students.  Finally, you must visit the schools to determine which ones are the best fit for your needs.