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Getting the Most

Although funding for college was originally designed to go to those who need it the most, it actually goes to those who know the most about the process.  Typically, the more you know about deadlines, strategies, where funding comes from, and who is most likely to be awarded funding, the more money for college you will receive.

Your preparation for college will be time well spent.  With successful preparation, you will most likely be able to gain admission to your dream school and receive enough money to attend.  In addition, your preparation will also make you a well-rounded person who will be better suited to face whatever the future may present.

High school sophomores and juniors are already competing for admission spots and funding dollars.  Your competition is working hard – shouldn’t you?

If you are a sophomore or junior - start now!

If you are in your senior year - time is valuable.  Set your goals, devise a plan, and give the extra effort necessary to "make up" any vital steps in the process that you may have missed.