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Making Your Decision

It’s decision time!  The help and advice of parents and counselors is obviously very helpful, but the final college selection decision should be made by only one person – the student!

Once you have received word from all of your colleges, gather and organize the information that you have collected throughout the college search and selection process.  You should then rank each school based on the following:

    1.  Information gathered during your campus visits.

    2.  Financial Aid Package being offered.

    3.  Personal notes on location, enrollment, appeal, etc.

Once you have ranked the schools according to these categories, you may find that one stands out head and shoulders above the rest.  If this is the case, congratulations!  Your final choice will be an easy one.

If after ranking your schools for the first time you find that there are two or three schools that are very close, you should re-rank the institutions based on additional desired qualities and characteristics.  Your top choice should clearly emerge after additional consideration.